Warhammer Fighting Arts: Shadow Sword

In another thread, Luke mentioned that I’ve developed some unique fighting arts using the BW Anthology for the Burning Warhammer game I’ve been running. I thought I’d share some of them. Below is an art I developed for a grey wizard character. In Warhammer, grey wizards focus on shadow and illusion magic and are frequently spies and assassins. The grey wind of magic is Ulgu. I had fun giving this art a bit of a magical twist.

Ulguschwert (Ulgu’s Sword)

Ulguschwert, colloquially called Shadow Sword, is a secretive and magical fighting art developed by the battle wizards and wizard-assassins of the Grey Order. It relies as much on deception and misdirection as it does on physical prowess. While anyone can learn the Ulguschwert forms, one must be Gifted to master the techniques.

Exponent Form Skill Actions
2 Bare fist, knife Ulguschwert grants the practitioner the Avoid, Block, Counterstrike, Disarm, Feint, Push and Strike actions in Fight.
3 Sword
4 Staff
Techniques Instruction Ob Physical/Phil. Ob Practical Ob
Concealed Hand Instruction Ob 1 Agility Ob 2 Ulguschwert Ob 1
Eye Deceives the Mind Instruction Ob 2 Falsehood Ob 2 Ulguschwert Ob 3
Veil of Ulgu Instruction Ob 3 Doctrine of Ulgu Ob 3 Ulguschwert Ob 3
Enveloping Shroud Instruction Ob 3 Doctrine of Ulgu Ob 4 Ulguschwert Ob 4
Dance of Phantasms Instruction Ob 4 Doctrine of Ulgu Ob 5 Ulguschwert Ob 5
Shadow Step Instruction Ob 5 Doctrine of Ulgu Ob 5 Ulguschwert Ob 5
Sword of Judgment Instruction Ob 6 Doctrine of Ulgu Ob 6 Ulguschwert Ob 6
  • Concealed Hand. The first lesson of Ulguschwert is to never let your opponent know from which direction danger comes. Ulguschwerters learn Two-Fisted Fighting. Initiates commonly fight with a cloak, dagger or buckler in the off hand, but more accomplished Ulguschwerters typically fight with a sword in one hand and staff in the other.
  • Eye Deceives the Mind. While binding your opponent’s weapon, you deceive them into believing you are moving one way while you move another. A successful Block action allows you to set the fighting distance. This technique also allows the Block and Counter- actions to counteract the Charge action as if it were a Strike.
  • Veil of Ulgu. You weave shadows across your opponent’s eyes, distracting them. If you win engagement, you impose a +1 Ob penalty on your opponent for the exchange. This penalty stacks with other penalties.
  • Enveloping Shroud. The Ulguschwerter weaves a cage in their opponent’s mind with their staff. You may now use the Lock action. You may also Push and Lock using a staff.
  • Dance of Phantasms. Simulacra surround you, allowing you to fight multiple opponents at once. Block and Counterstrike multiple opponents (all engaged).
  • Shadow Step. Cloaked in shadow, you surprise your foe. +1 Ob to opponent’s Hesitation when you successfully use a Stealthy test to set up an ambush for your victim and are within arm’s reach.
  • Sword of Judgment. You summon shadows to your hand to form a blade. Summoning the blade takes 1 action. The Sword of Judgement is Pow 2, Add 2, WS 3, VA 1, Long, One-handed and a Spirit Weapon. The blade dissipates if dropped or disarmed, though it may be summoned again.

I like Thor’s work here because it’s very evocative but the rules tweaks are all very simple.


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