Weapon Damage and Tech Cost

I was looking at designed a tank of some form, when trying to design weapons, I was wondering how to determine the damage for a weapon and its associated point value/cost.

Choose a weapon category from page 382 and an appropriate weapon from your index on page 517-518.

So basically, those weapons are the “framework” for a new weapon. Can you increase damage overall, or is that capability represented by a bonus to the die of fate?

Also, in trying to make sure I was calculating things right, I notice the Assault Sled (i.e. the flying tank) is Ob 13, but when I caculated it out I came up with about 22 if I remember correctly.

I though part of it might be the weapon mounts. Do you pay for them individually, or do you get as many as you would like for a one time fee? Also, are they any special rules for mounting human scale weapons of vehicles?

Weapon tweaks as listed on page 382 and 383. The vehicles in the book are heavily discounted.

Thanks for all the info Luke. I appreciate it.