Weapons on vehicles -- what do I get free, what costs extra?

I want to make sure I understand what weaponry the templated vehicles carry for free, and what they have to pay for. Page 550 says

If listed with a weapon type, the vehicle carries weapon systems of that type appropriate to the planetary index. Vehicular and Artillery systems also mount secondary systems of the next lower weapon classification—squad support or vehicular weapons. The number that accompanies the Ordnance trait indicates how many Direct Fire shot opportunities may be assigned to this vehicle’s main weapons systems in one Direct Fire volley. [e.g.] Artillery (2) means the vehicle has two weapons that may fire—one die allocated buys a shot opportunity, a second die may be allocated to get another shot opportunity for this vehicle.

So does this mean I can choose any weapon(s) of appropriate category and tech index off the Weapons Chart (p. 516), for free, and then pay points for any additional Technological Traits I want to add?

E.g. the Anvil Assault Sled has “Ordnance: Vehicular (2),” so if I wanted to replicate the GIFVs from Faith Conquers, I’d give it a Fusion Gun and a SCREM missile launcher. The Obstacle of the Resource Test to acquire it would remain unchanged at Ob 13, – or, if I were buying it for an Anvil Lord/Hammer Lord/Forged Lord during Character Burning, it would still count as “appropriate technology” for 1 resources point.

If I then decided that Trevor Faith’s description of the vehicle’s main armament indicates that the Fusion Gun should have the “Superior” trait at 4 trait points (p. 521), I’d add +4 to the Obstacle for the Resources Test, for a total of Ob 17 – or, if I were buying it in character burning (assuming a Low Index world), I’d have to buy the basic Assault Sled for 1 rp and then spend another 1 rp for the four trait points to get a Superior gun.

Have I got this all right?




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