Weapons price list?

Hi all,
Apologies if this has been asked and answered before but I haven’t been able to find it by searching. Has anybody ever created a “price list” showing Resources OBs for the weapons on the table starting on p.516? I presume these would need to be burned up with the traits in order to find out the OB for a Resources check? Thanks!

Nope, doesn’t exist. Pre-burned stuff costs one RP at character creation if Most Basic Iteration, and costs two if Advanced/Illegal/Restricted. I don’t have my book in front of me so I can’t cite a page number, but it’s in there.

There’s also a gear sheet for download on the BE wiki.

For Weapons, there actually is a resource Ob list on p. 382, based on the weapon type, so you make a resources test of that obstacle and get the most basic iteration of that weapon. If you want to add extra weapon tweaks beyond what’s listed in the Firefight weapons section, then you have to pay the extra tech point cost for the tweaks.

For Example, I want to buy a Fusor for my Lord-Pilot Iron. I look on p. 517 and realize that it is a Squad Support Weapon. On p. 382, Squd Support Weapons are 4 tech points. That means I can get the Fusor (If I’m on a low-index world) by making an ob 4 resource test. If I want to tweak my fusor to have a +1D targeter, it would be +3ob to that test, or I could buy that targeter as a seperate add-on in another building scene by making an ob 3 resources test.

Ah. So that was the part I was fuzzy on. Knew about the 1 or 2 rp cost to buy during burning but assumed that since the weapons on the list already had some traits attached you’d have to burn them up with traits to know the ob to purchase in play. So, to clarify, everything on the list (pp516-518) just costs the base cost of its type from the weapons list in the tech burner (p382) even though they have different traits? The same goes for the vehicles listed starting on p552 and their base types from the tech burner? That does seem to be the case with a quick check.