Which is better, capacitor or magazine?

I’m confused about ammo category tweaks:

The ammo capacity hierarchy on p. 523 goes (lowest to highest): single shot, cylinder, capacitator, magazine, case.

But the point costs on p. 382 don’t increase in the same order: “Ammo capacity tweaks: Single shot, 1 pt. Cylinder, 2 pts. Magazine, 3 pts. Capacitor, 4 pts. Case, 5 pts.”

So which is better, capacitor or magazine? And which costs what?

It stands as listed. Ammo capacity bonuses as described on page 523. Costs as described on page 382.



My problem may be that I’m thinking, “well, of course I can upgrade my missile launcher from single shot to capacitor, because while it doesn’t actually have a capacitor, it has some level of ammo supply equivalent to that.” But I think that I’ve been reading it wrong, and that you’re implying there actually two separate ammo hierarchies, something like this:

…single shot (1 pt)
…cylinder (2 pts)
capacitor (4 pts)
…magazine (3 pts)
…case (5 pts)
power pack (6 pts)
engine (10 pts)

In other words, a projectile weapon can be upgraded from single shot (1 pt) to cylinder (2 pts) to magazine (3 pts) to case (5 pts) – there is no “capacitor equivalent” or “power pack equivalent” level available. Likewise, an energy weapon can’t start with less than a capacitor, and then the next upgrade available for energy weapons is better than any projectile weapon ammo capacity.

And my actual practical question: I have the Missile from pg. 518 (or the EMPIL for that matter). I want to upgrade it from “single shot” to “magazine.” How much does that cost me?

It costs you the value of the magazine trait. There are no discounts for upgrades in Burning Empires (or Burning Wheel).

Aha. So starting from “Single Shot,” I do NOT have to pay 2 points to upgrade to Cylinder, then another 3 points to upgrade to Magazine, for a total of 5 points.

I just pay 3 points and leap all the way to Magazine, whether my starting point was “Single Shot” or “Cylinder.”

Actually… single-shot energy weapons and capacitance-powered projectile weapons are possible. A gaussian-projectile weapon uses more energy than ammo, so Capacitor is more appropriate, and a plasma-based pistol (like a Mk.I SCrEW) might use one-shot plasma cartridges. Most ‘combat’ lasers being designed today have a finite supply of chemical reactants used to create a pre-energied lasing medium- anyway too much technobable. My point is energy-based weapons can have projectile-type limited ammunition types, and projectile weapons could conceiveably have energy-weapon like ammo supplied.

The values given are supposed to be relative anyway, and not always taken litterally.

Just something to consider…

Yes, you are correct.