Why Can't I Find The Book?

Hi everyone,

I recently discovered Mouse Guard and thought it would be a great game to introduce to my group. However, I can’t find the book anywhere (atleast not at a price anywhere near the suggested retail). Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Ben Brown

Wow! You’re not kidding. Just went to help you out…but nothing under $100!!! Sorry man. I’d recommend calling your largest local game store. Maybe they’ve got a copy in stock.

I tried both FLGS and even reached out to the community. But no one seems to have it.

The Archaia website is the only place carrying it right now, thought there is rumor of a reprint in 2013. http://store.archaia.com/products/Mouse-Guard-Role-Playing-Game.html

If PDF is an option you could get it here.

A PDF would work in a pinch. I would prefer a dead tree version if I could, but I may have to resort to this. Thanks!

Mouse Guard is out of print. I’m sorry.

Any clue as to why? It seems so immensely popular. I know a lot of folks around my part of the country rave about how it’s a superior RPG system, and the setting is wonderful. I haven’t read any of the books, with the exception of the first few pages of the first one.

There are two reasons: all of the copies sold and the publisher declined to reprint it. A truly unfortunate confluence of events.

Ben - I am not sure if you missed my post above. But Archaia still has some copies of the hardback on their website. See my post above. Also see this tweet by Archaia https://twitter.com/Archaia/status/279286075531341824

Whoops! I did miss it! Thanks!

This topic has come up before, and I recommend that you try to call your local Barnes and Noble stores. I don’t know why, or how, or where they keep coming from but I come across box sets every so often in the game section, though I haven’t seen one for probably 6 weeks. Still, it’s worth a try.

I tried, even though I absolutely despise them. They offered to order one for me (so did Books-A-Million) but said it was listed as on back-order and had been for several months. I then asked if it was possibly out of print and they said that was impossible since it was in the system.

it’s time for a little patience.

Quoting the tweet linked to above…

So, be patient, wave 3 of Mouse Guard is in the works…

Archaia claims to have some in stock through their webstore

Mouse Guard newbie here…

First, it’s May 1st and MG is still not available through the Archaia web site. Not sure if or when they will be reprinting it since their Twitter (noted above) post indicated a Spring 2013 reprint. Well, it’s technically still Spring, but she’s getting long in the tooth.

The game is available for $19.99 at DrivethruRPG, so it is still available. The dead tree book is available for over $100 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, although interestingly, B&N also sell Nook Apps for some of the expansion books for ~$10 each.

Here’s to hoping.

I have emailed Archaia a twice over the past two months (on this matter). Never received an answer. Their customer service really stinks. :rolleyes:

how 'bout kickstarter? a new kickstarter project could bring it back!

The problem is on the side of the publisher, it would seem. However, there was this article about Torchbearer yesterday on http://firebroadside.blogspot.de/2013/06/torchbearer.html – it included a paragraph about Mouse Guard:

Well, for what that’s worth. But vol. 3 of the MG comic is supposed to be out next month, I think, and if Archaia can manage that, I have hopes. We will see.

Yup. It’s being reprinted. Hang in there a few more months!