Zero Index Vehicles

Hi all,

I’d like to know if anyone has burned up some zero index armoured fighting vehicles? I have a suspicion we are going to be taking a trip to the lower end of the Index next time we meet and I was hoping to beg, borrow, or steal any pre-existing crunched-numbers that are out there.

Stop playing with anti-grav and pulse-lasers! Get back to guns and tracks for a moment!


There’s actually a somewhat obscure passage in the Tech Burner rules – I don’t have them in front of me now, unfortunately – that allows you to chop three points (I think) off the cost of a vehicle to downgrade it from “Atmospheric” speed (i.e. grav mobile) to “Ground” speed (i.e. tracked/wheeled/hovercraft). And “vehicular weapons” are already defined as “whatever’s appropriate for the Tech Index.” So an Anvil Assault Sled becomes a tank very easily.

Thanks Sydney!

I’ve been trying to build up an Anvil Ground Car to AFV standard, but I have been having a spot of bother trying to work out how the Tolerances and Integrity are determined.

And here’s the reference – pg. 384:

Vehicular Speed may be increased or decreased; there are three
grades: Ground Speed, Atmospheric Speed and Space Speed.
Increasing Speed one category step costs +3 pts. Decreasing Speed
one category step costs -2 pts.

You can buy up Integrity as it were Technological Stat: Forte (“6 pts for 1D,
+2 pts per additional die,” p. 389) – this is a hack on the forums that’s semi-official.

Tolerances, you’re on your own. If you can reverse engineer a formula from the example vehicles in the book, you’re one up on me!

Thanks again Sydney!

I was nervous about using the Forte-as-Integrity option since it seemed that Forte had serious advantages over Integrity. If that’s all we have though…

To date I have had no luck with Tolerance calculations. If I have an epiphany I’ll be sure to share it around.

Muah hah hahh

“I’m Not Pedantic I’m Diligent” is a Character Trait that I activate as often as possible in order to get the artha necessary for such an epiphany.

Actually I might add it to any Archivist Lifepath I come across.

I’ve been tinkering with my low-tech tank and I am having a spot of bother with the value of the sub-systems on the Anvil Assault Sled.

Zero Index vehicles can’t have automation for their Signals and Sensors, but it seems that downgrading these to Tools (Automation 3 is worth 5pts, so losing both capabilities would be -10pts) makes the Sled ridiculously cheap! Should I just “eyeball” the resources obstacle?

how cheap?

The template vehicles in the book seem to get some kind of package deal on sensors & signals automation, because when I’ve tried to deconstruct them into their component systems, the numbers don’t add up. There’s a limit to how radically you can modify the templates before the system breaks down.

Ob 3 (13 -5 for loss of Sensor automation -5 for loss of Signals automation = 3). Basic costs for military surface vehicles is 5-8pts (BE, 384) so this seems pretty cheap.

I might “build up” an Anvil Ground Car instead. Or I might just make it up - presumably the Anvil Assault Sled Equivalent for a Zero Index world is probably going to be as costly relatively, although with less bells and whistles.

Does a MBI vehicle come with weapons-systems installed already - or does a prospective buyer have to kit up with them as well?