BW looks like the perfect fit for a ASIAF-like Setting, but

like the Title states…my Friends and i are looking for a new System to run a long Campaign in a A song of ice and Fire like world. I think BW is a rellay good fit with the whole Intriguestuff etc, but there is a big but, which i can’t really resolve. We are not into tons of fights, but they happen. As far as i have seen, there are two Systems in the Game, Fight - for more special Fights like Villans, Duels etc…and the other one (does it have a name?)

My Question now is, is the BW Ruleset good if we wan’t to have combat, not every Session but from time to time, like the Group is traveling and they get attacked by let’s say 6 Brigands…and they are a Group of 4. Or is this allready way to crunchy and takes hours to resolve? We like it deadly/realistic and People should really think if they wan’t to engage in Combat, but there will be Situations, where it’s not avoidable.

Or is another Combat System maybe better for this kind of Game? I’m even willing wo Homebrew Stuff/combine Systems if i get them to work

Are there any good Let’s plays or examples showing off similar Scenarios?

I think Burning Wheel works great for this, actually. The other subsystem you’re thinking of is Bloody Vs. For Fight! you can make liberal use of the helping/outnumbered rules to run 6 vs 4 pretty easily. You can also use Bloody Vs to abstract such a fight out a little more. Bloody Vs uses split dice pools where participants split between attack and defense, as well as a bunch of factors taken into account for advantage dice.

I’d recommend starting with Bloody Vs for group combats and easing into Fight! with some Trial-by-Combat style duels if you can.

Someone also is/was working on an ASoIaF hack for Burning Wheel; I’ll edit a link in here when I can find it for you.

Seems I was somewhat mistaken, but these folks have run games in the setting and have done a little bit of hacking to do so; they may,be able to offer some insight, at least:

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Oh! And welcome!

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More regularly I just use the Task and Intent rules for fights that aren’t to the death, you can find other things to put at stake.

GM: 6 brigands jump out at you wanting the cargo you carry.
PC: I’ll fight them off with my sword!
GM: Ok, one of them raises their sword helped by the others.
Other PC’s: We’ll help our friend doing X.
GM: Alright, if you win you drive them off but if I win they get away with the cargo.


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